LNER to trial our journey detection technology

Feb 2019
Paul Coster

In late 2017 we took part in the Virgin Trains Platform X programme. In early 2018 the Virgin Trains franchise was unexpectedly transferred to London North Eastern Railway (LNER), delaying our planned innovation project.

The project kicks off this month and brings up to £75k in funding through a Department for Transport innovation fund. LNER staff will trial the use of our tech to detect their train journeys and station activity. If successful, a customer trial may follow later in the year.

Our main focus remains an app for train users that identifies journeys in near real-time, and lets commuters submit a delay claim with a single tap.

Over the last 2 months we’ve had ~10 users (many thanks!) testing the app. We’ve added new features (display of cancelled trains, notifications and in-app feedback) and aim to reach 100 users over the coming months.